What a wonderful week of ministering together that JESUS TE AMA (Jesus Loves You) everywhere we went! From the villages, to the streets feeding the homeless, sharing with the children at Casita Benjamin and at El Oasis, the team of 12 so intentionally prepared and shared God’s love in action. We are so blessed to have a friendship and be in partnership with First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains, New Jersey. They not only ministered to the people and children of Guatemala, but they ministered to us too. Thank you team for all your hard work, and for investing your lives with love into ours and everyone you encountered.

Be Brave ~ NLC Ladies

Seven days full of serving, sharing, loving, crying, laughing, encouraging, worshiping & praying together with this amazing team of women! We went to the mountain top village of El Tablon, back down to feeding street people and to prostitutes in Guatemala City, and up to another humble church of Chicamen located towards Antigua. We are so thankful to serve, to partner with, and to represent NEXT LEVEL MISSIONS of Fort Myers, FL. THANK YOU to all the team members and everyone back home at NLC who made this happen! To God be all the Glory!

Super Blessed

Super blessed to have another men’s team from Peoples Church, (Bourbonnais, IL) with us again! Coming along side of Pastor Luis in the village of El Tablón to empower him in his vision to reach his community with the love of Jesus is always the one of the highlights of their week here in Guatemala. To see how this small congregation worked together to plant and grow 100,000 coffee plants in order to build their church and now to see the progress on their building is simply amazing! From the very beginning of the coffee project, Peoples Church has sent a men’s team to work alongside, encourage and partner with us, to empower Pastor Luis & his family! A special thanks to my brother in law, Dick Toepper & Kevin Mansberger who have consistently led the team, and to Pastor Greg Eilders who always makes it a priority to come and be a part. We are so thankful to the whole team and to Peoples Church for your unwavering love and support, and so honored that together we are igniting passion and empowering vision for God’s Glory!

Empowered To Empower Others

God empowers us so we can empower others, II Cor. 9:8-12. It’s been 3 years since we empowered Pastor Luis and his congregation in El Molino with the coffee project that has been generating funds to fulfill their dream of building their church in order to reach their community. So Pastor Luis & a group of guys from his church wanted to pass on the blessing and help another congregation by not only giving to supply the necessary funds for all the tin, but also by going and doing all the labor. It was a long day hauling everything up the mountain to the small village in Las Brisas and literally raising the roof all in one day! What an awesome day seeing Pastor Luis and his group of guys getting to experience the overwhelming joy of empowering others. Our passion still remains to “IGNITE PASSION & EMPOWER VISION”…the heart and soul of Start With One! To God be all the glory.

6th Year Tradition

For the sixth year in a row, a team of men from Peoples Church, (Bourbonnais, IL) have come down to serve and work alongside of us here in Guatemala. They were the ones who initially helped Pastor Luis in the small village of El Molino, prepare the ground and dig post holes for the 100,000 coffee plants in order to build their future church building. Each year, they still come and bring physical, emotional, and spiritual support to Pastor Luis and this Start With One ministry project. Not only do they encourage and empower the Guatemalan people throughout the week, but they minister to us and one another, especially during the nightly devotional times. What a huge blessing it is to have this team of men every year at this time, and we are so grateful to the church, their families and friends who help make it all possible! A special THANK YOU to Pastor Greg, and team leaders Dick Toepper & Kevin Mansberger who always go above and beyond to pull it all together each and every time. To God be the glory for all that was accomplished in us and through us this past week!

El Tablón – 40th Anniversary

It was such and honor participating in the 40th anniversary of the village church “Fuente de Amor” (Fountain of Love).  Pastor’s Chemita, Rosa, and their three sons have been faithfully serving the Lord and their community in the mountainside village right outside of Guatemala City nearly all their lives because Rosa’s father was the founding pastor in this village.  A huge thanks to our great friends who also helped us out in the celebration!  Raùl Rodriguez lead the congregation in a special time of music, and Rodolfo and Miriam Montenegro encouraged and challenged the members to even greater things in the Lord.  We all enjoyed a wonderful traditional meal of “Chuchitos & Ponche” (small tamales & hot cider) afterwards. It really was a special night of igniting passion and empowering vision!



Amazing Ladies of NLC

What an amazing week of ministry with a team of ladies from Next Level Church, of Fort Myers, Florida! Every day had a completely different “look” of ministry, but the love of Jesus, the spirit of hope and forgiveness were constantly transmitted each and every time that God ministered through us! Spending time with the little children who attend Casita Benjamin was super fun, and loving on the ladies who work in prostitution on the Line was a bitter/sweet experience. The ladies & children who live in the village of El Tablón also received a huge blessing by the team as we partnered with Pastor Chemita and Rosa in their small village church. The team went all out to bless and spoil a special group of missionary women, me included! All of us women enjoyed an afternoon full of great food, rich fellowship and all out, personalized gifts for each missionary. Randall and I are simply blessed beyond measure to be able to partner with NLC and to be an extension of their church here in Guatemala! THANK YOU for empowering us as missionaries…MUCHAS GRACIAS…and to GOD be ALL the GLORY!

Resonate Rocks Guate

We just spent the last week with Resonate, an on-fire youth group from Peoples Church. It was the first missions trip for this youth group and it was an awesome first time experience for them! From the mountains to the coast, and several places in the city, the team shared the love of Jesus to over 800 children and adults. We are so grateful for this team and how they blessed the people of Guatemala and us as missionaries! Thank you Peoples Church for empowering the next generation to share their faith and experience the Great Commission on the mission field! May all the seeds that were planted bring forth fruit in due season and may HE bless you for all that you gave out. To God be all the glory!

Men of First Reformed Church

As missionaries, it is very important to be in relationship with partnering churches. These relationships empower us spiritually, emotionally & financially to continue in the call of God on our lives here Guatemala. It is always amazing to us how the Lord crosses our paths, and will always be thankful to Kim and Chad De Jagar who connected us years ago. Kim was a missionary and Jenna’s first grade teacher who not only impacted her life as a small child, but ours too!

The small team of men did two challenging, and large projects, the first which helped Pastor Chemita in the village of El Tablón. They installed a false ceiling and all the electrical connections in the room that will enable the pastors with the sales of food to provide education for their three sons. Then the team literally rebuilt a new kitchen for Casita Benjamin, a ministry to the children who live in the surrounding area of the Guatemala City Dump. The guys worked long hard hours to complete both projects and helped us to empower both ministries and encourage their leaders!

We are super thankful for this great team of men and look forward to growing in friendship with them and our valuable relationship with everyone at The First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains, NJ! Muchas Gracias!File Mar 24, 9 33 34 AM

Loving at a New Level

It was an amazing week training a team of 10 students from the Leadership Academy at Next Level Church in Fort Myers, FL! This week was focused on mission’s life and ministry on the mission field, specifically in Guatemala but can be applied anywhere in the world. Their main assignment was to plan a children’s outreach and empower the local church in the mountain village of El Tablón. After planning, organizing and a taste of language school, we walked through the village inviting all the children to the Saturday outreach. It was a week packed full of learning, loving and serving as unto the Lord, without expecting anything in return. We are excited and proud of each student and can’t wait to see how God ministers to, and through them as they walk out His plans for their lives. It was super fun and a huge honor to spend time and pour into their lives these past few days! We are so blessed to be in relationship with Next Level Church, and to be able to count on their valuable partnership with us!