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We just finished an incredible week of ministry with a team of eight from Pompton Plains, NJ who attend the First Reformed Church. Together, we ministered to a variety of people by feeding those who live on the streets and in the city garbage dump, women who work as prostitutes on the “line”, elderly who have been abandoned by their families, and the innocent children who are patients and students at a local government hospital and school.

You just never know how God will cross our paths and opens new doors for relationships. “Miss Pett”, a Michigan native was serving as a missionary/ teacher at Christian Academy of Guatemala 10 years ago. She happened to be Jenna’s first grade teacher when we got to know her well. Since then Kim married Chad DeJager (also from MI), and he is now the assistant Pastor at Frist Reformed Church. It was an honor to be chosen by their mission’s committee to host their first mission’s team to Central America.

A special THANK YOU to all the team members for their hard work this week! Also, we are very grateful to the pastors and members of First Reformed Church for supporting your team and for entrusting them to us. They were an awesome extension of your church body and truly represented our Lord in the most excellent, loving way!


2 thoughts on “Pompton Plains ~ Passionate for Missions

  1. Thank you for publishing this wonderful recap of my son’s experience in Guatemala. I am so happy that God was able to use Mike to help others see the beauty in themselves through his photography. Mike tell us you are doing amazing work among the people in Guatemala. May God continue to bless you and all you do.
    Karen Mazur

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