Irrigation and the Gospel

On Thursday April 5th, I left Guatemala city at 5:15 a.m. headed to the village town of El Molino.  The purpose of my trip was to install the irrigation system for the coffee plant project that was started less than 3 months ago.  After working 2 hard days and installing more than ¼ mile of irrigation pipe I was able to leave Pastor Luis with enough of the irrigation system completed so that they can start planting coffee seeds next week.  To date, Pastor Luis and his church members have filled more than 60,000 bags of dirt for planting coffee.  I plan to return in the next couple weeks to finish fine tuning the irrigation system that will properly water the 110,000 coffee plants.

A special thank goes out to fellow missionary and irrigation specialist, Bobby Byrd.  With his knowledge and expertise in irrigation systems along with his sweat and blisters the sprinkler system will be a great success.


The Irrigation Crew The Irrigation Crew
Bobby & José Installing A Sprinkler Bobby & José Installing A Sprinkler
Making Adjustments Making Adjustments

One thought on “Irrigation and the Gospel

  1. Way to go Randall. Nice to see the future of the church in El Molino in those simple bags now being irrigated …. much like our lives and the lives of future believers at El Molino that will be “irrigated” with the Word that comes from this church moving forward. Great work!

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