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Fatima, Adriana & Joselyn proudly show off their certificates

Fatima, Adriana & Joselyn proudly show off their certificates

As most of you know, our home church in Guatemala is Fraternidad Cristiana (Christian Brotherhood) and we have attended there for over 20 years now. Our heart as missionaries is not only to spread the Gospel, but to join whoever we minister to with the body of Christ, meaning the local church.

Throughout the 12 years ministering to the women at El Oasis, who sell their bodies daily in prostitution, we have seen God radically transform their lives as they accept HIM into their hearts and leave this destructive lifestyle behind. As each woman takes a step forward in their new walk of faith, we immediately connect them to a local church depending on geographical location. Most of the time, we encourage them to attend Frater because we can follow up on them. Also, because of your faithful partnership, we are able to send them on a Frater Women’s Retreat where they are ministered to and many times, find an opportunity for employment through new friends and relationships.

We met Adriana on “the Line” when she worked as a prostitute. A Native from Nicaragua, she migrated to Guatemala looking for a “better job”. After accepting the Lord, she lived in our half way house years ago after making that life changing decision and just last January, Adriana and her three older girls wanted to make their faith known by getting baptized in our church Mega Frater. Because of your generosity, they also attended the awesome retreats. Just yesterday, Adriana and the two oldest daughters graduated from our church’s EIGHT MONTH discipleship / leadership course. What an accomplishment for someone who has never graduated from anything, not even school. We felt like proud parents watching her and her daughters be recognized for their hard work and commitment.

We are so thankful for our home church Fraternidad Cristiana, and how it’s welcomed us all those we minister to with open arms just like Jesus would do.

Please pray for God’s provision for Adriana and her daughters and believe with us for God’s best for their lives as we continue to reach out to them. Too God be all the Glory…look what HE has done!!

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  1. It is always such a joy to read about your ministry with the Oasis and the subsequent victories. Spending time with you over the past few years during my CAG work and learning about your work with these ladies has been one of the most inspiring experiences in my life! I shall always recall the visit to the Line with you and Randall and Willene. I am blessed to have been a “member of your family” during those visits. May God continue to bless you and yours as you minister.

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