Empowered To Empower Others

God empowers us so we can empower others, II Cor. 9:8-12. It’s been 3 years since we empowered Pastor Luis and his congregation in El Molino with the coffee project that has been generating funds to fulfill their dream of building their church in order to reach their community. So Pastor Luis & a group of guys from his church wanted to pass on the blessing and help another congregation by not only giving to supply the necessary funds for all the tin, but also by going and doing all the labor. It was a long day hauling everything up the mountain to the small village in Las Brisas and literally raising the roof all in one day! What an awesome day seeing Pastor Luis and his group of guys getting to experience the overwhelming joy of empowering others. Our passion still remains to “IGNITE PASSION & EMPOWER VISION”…the heart and soul of Start With One! To God be all the glory.

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